Advice to customers

Try to allow as much lead time as possible for your job and please be realistic. Translators generally translate about 2,000 words a day, so allow plenty of time for the translation, the associated research and any potential queries that may arise. Think about how much time you would like me to be able to spend perfecting the text that will promote your product or service.

It's very important that you tell me the purpose of your translation, the target reader and where it will appear, because these factors will affect the chosen writing style, word choice, phrasing and sentence length. Please provide as full a brief as possible.

And please don't view questions as a sign of incompetence; it's actually the sign of a meticulous and dedicated translator. During the translation process, I'll be reading your text very carefully, so it's possible I might come across parts that need clarifying - this could even help you improve the original text.
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