How much will my translation cost?

My prices are generally based on £ (or €) per 1,000 words of source text (the language your document is written in), but because all documents differ in their complexity, style and formatting I don't offer fixed rates for their translation.
  • The more technical a text the longer it will take to translate because of the lengthy terminology and subject research involved.
  • Seemingly straightforward texts can contain problematic cultural references or colloquialisms which take time to resolve or may require adaptation.
  • Word documents are far simpler to process than PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Excel files.
Your quote will take all these factors into account.

Express service

If you need a document back urgently, I'll try to rearrange my other jobs to fit yours in. As this will normally require me to work late or over the weekend I do apply a 25% surcharge to these jobs, so it's best to allow as much lead time as possible.
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