Translation from French and Spanish into English

I translate most types of document in my three specialist subjects:
  1. law
  2. business and marketing
  3. international development.
I also translate general texts in the following fields:
  • Environment
  • Tourism
  • Food and drink
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Agriculture
Proofreading (checking a document in one language)

Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and poorly constructed sentences all create a poor first impression, which could drive away potential business.
Paying a proofreader to objectively assess your documents with a fresh pair of eyes before they reach your customers could save you from making an expensive mistake.
I will make sure your communication is clear, correct, consistent and unambiguous.


If you have any concerns about a document you've already had translated elsewhere, I can check it against the original to make sure the translation is accurate, uses the correct terminology and appropriate style for the target reader while paying attention to the text's clarity, consistency, conciseness, and register.
There are times, however, when a translation is so flawed it can be better and indeed cheaper to start from scratch with a new translation. If I think this is the case, I'll let you know at once and talk you through your options.
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